Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Cow and Bear Show

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on the complex and ever-evolving relationship between Cow and Bear. It is only a matter of time before the 900 cat pictures on our camera get replaced with 900 baby pictures (both of which nobody wants to see, of course. But people usually respond politely when we shove these pictures in their face and say “isn’t that adorable?”)

Anyhoooo… in case you don’t remember, this is Cow:

And this is bear:

The kitties have gotten very close, and they have started practicing to have their picture taken by Olan Mills by striking two classic Olan Mills poses:

No, we aren’t really taking them in for portraits behind of a prop wagon wheel and in front of simulated 2-dimentional greenery… but a kitty has the right to dream. By the way, this isn’t my family – I swear – but we had the exact same setup for a family photo one year:

Our dad even had the same mustache as this dad… maybe it is an Olan Mills loaner mustache? It was 1978, after all.

Anyway, back to the kitties. Here is Bear interacting with a local youth:

Poor Harrison (our nephew) is doomed when he takes his Animal Sound Simulation Test in preschool. (That’s a standardized test, right? The ASS-T’s?) He’ll be like, “the cow says ‘meow’ ” Sorry, boy. Our bad.

Cow prefers to give Bear affection, but Bear prefers to wrestle… or “wrassle” when he gets dirty and throws the rule book out the window. Cow has become skilled in the art of self-defense. Below is one of her classic self-defense maneuvers:

But when they aren’t wrasslin’, they are very affectionate with each other:

And when they aren’t making love or war… they are in lethargakitty mode:

So that’s it. The cats continue to be outstanding in the field of kitty excellence. We recommend one for your home or office.

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