Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Mullet

This is not cultivated hockey hair, people. It is a naturally occurring mullet.

Business up front:

Party in the back:

Sorry about the gauzy-looking picture. The camera lens is pretty scratched up. Now all of our pictures look they are from a soap opera trying desperately to make their octogenarian hearthrob look like a septuagenarian.

Speaking of inane television programing, look at how insanely adorable the kids are when they are staring the the T.V. together. Yar.

(And with that gauzy-looking picture, Alexander looks not a day over two...and Ava looks like a fetus. The gauze works!!)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ODB Bestseller List

Alexander took a book that was missing the last page and rewrote the ending. He drew the illustration and wrote the final word of the story, "moon".

It should be noted that he was also the one that ripped out the original page. I guess it's all about making your own opportunities in the world of writing.

Yesterday, some new "art" spontaneously appeared on our refrigerator.

Upon closer inspection, it seemed there were words written under the scribbles. You may be able to see it if you are good at seeing dolphins in Magic Eye pictures or if you have an industrial strength pair of mommy-goggles on hand.

Me: Did you make this?
Alexander: Yes, I made that last week. (said as if he was so over it)
Me: What does it say?
Alexander: It says "Alexander loves his cat." It's a mess.

So it appears that he wrote a sentence and then scribbled all over it in a fit of creative frustration. You know writers.

Anyway, his PR team suggested we use this picture for his "about the author" book flap.

It was either this or the classic author trifecta of turtleneck, dog, and fireplace. The bear ears just felt more "right". They ensure people will take him seriously as a writer (because everyone takes bears seriously). I'm so glad we have a PR team.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Auto Buds

This is a Tumblr page dedicated to finding cars that look similar and are in close proximity to each other. It's called Auto Buds.

I have an Auto Buds submission that I think takes the concept of Auto Buds to the next level. Ava and Alexander! Think about it... They look similar, are frequently in close proximity to each other, and they like to hold hands when riding in the car.

They are totally BABF!

(That's Best Auto Buds Forever... duh!)

Girl, Interrupted

(This is what I thought that Winona Ryder movie was going to be about...)