Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OMG! Supastar!!!!

Look who is the star of our photographers blog...

And he's also here...
First, click on the link to her website, then click on galleries, then click on babies. He is the baby with the giant monkey on his back. Heh.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Livin' Large

Just like all the medical journals predicted, there is a positive correlation between Alexander’s age and the amount of space he occupies. Sadly, the same did not hold true for his car seat, which stubbornly remained the same size since the date of purchase. Even with all the padding removed, it was too small to accommodate our novelty-size 7-month old. So, we got a new carseat.

While he fits into his new carseat just fine, he is rather tall to be in the mandatory rear-facing position. The government requires that he is rear-facing until he is a year old , but as you can see this position doesn’t all much room for him to grow. Until we can turn the car seat around, I am afraid travel will have to be a bit cramped.

It’s hard for him to lay back since there is nowhere for his feet stretch out in front of him. This makes trips longer than 15 minutes cause for fussiness. Longer than 20 minutes is cause for ‘baby rage’. Longer than 25 minutes is cause to pass out… followed by additional baby rage. (Baby rage, although often adorable, can cause temporary deafness and possible loss of singing voice from attempt s to quell the rage.)

Here is documentation of the passing out stage…

Alexander has a new tooth coming in. With 2 1/6 teeth now at his disposal, Alexander has become quite a gourmand (albeit one with a limited menu). Applesauce and green beans are great, but nothing beats a good meal at the Breastaurant. Here is Alexander chewing down a meal at the Breastaurant's leading competitor, The Bottle, and batting what appears to be false eyelashes.

Last week, Alexander called for a meeting with his grandparents. It was a very well thought-out presentation on the merits of “aaa-eeee!”

Before he could ‘close the deal’, his presentation was interrupted when a hilarious crab showed up.

Yea… that crab is hilarious, although not everyone ‘gets’ his humor the way Alexander does. It’s fascinating how his little mind works. In fact, we’re conducting studies right now to learn more about the enigma of Alexander.

(note what appears to be wires coming out of his head)

More adorable news as it happens.

Or... relatively soon after it happens.

I mean... come on... we have things to do other than updating this blog, you know.

(not really)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shameless Adorability

What we did this week…

When it was finally above freezing outside, we put his swing on the deck so he could enjoy the great outdoors.

My friend Jennifer visited, and we learned that Alexander fancies himself a ‘ladies man’. He was smiling, laughing at all her jokes, tossing his wisps of hair about, serenading her on the piano, and trying to impress her with his push-ups.

Speaking of push-ups…

In addition to push-ups, Alexander has been working on his mad standing skills…

And I’ll leave you with this…

MSTie Eyed

Two awesome MSTies knitted this sweater and hat set for Alexander. If you are geeky enough to understand the genius of this sweater, then come on over and we’ll watch Manos!

(Thanks, Amanda and Pennie!!!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Creeping Terror

Did I say terror? I meant Sweetpea. But you try finding a B-movie reference for The Creeping Sweetpea.

It started with some creeping a few weeks ago, and now he is trying to figure out how to crawl. Right now, he 'crawls' backwards. He also does a 360 turn on the floor that is vaguely reminiscent of the Three Stooges. A third interesting maneuver he does is the sit-up pose. Now, you’ll have to excuse the Bigfoot-sighting quality to this picture. He only stays in this position for a few seconds and I was lucky to have a camera next to me.

He isn’t quite in push-up position here, but he looks pretty pleased with himself.

(And check out those teeth.)

I guess we'd better get to baby proofing. You know, start painting bunnies on the electrical outlets. ("But Alexander isn't afraid of bunnies." "He will be.") ( Ahhh... the Simpsons. Is there anything they haven't taught us about life?)

Poetry Is Dead

Er… I should clarify. Refrigerator poetry in our house is dead. (As for poetry at large…You can put on your favorite black turtleneck and loudly share own opinions at your next social gathering.)

Anyhoo, since Alexander picks up everything he can get his hands on and puts it in his mouth, I knew it was time for our little magnetic words to go. I’d hate to have to take him to the ER to get his stomach pumped, or whatever they do to treat ingested haiku.

Here were some of the finer works of refrigerator poetry:
The first poem written soon after we moved into the house…

An ode to tight corduroy pants…

And a few others…

And finally, the fridge was stripped of its poetry. In fact, you could say it went back to the basics. Letters.

Fiscally Conservative Identity Thieves

I got an e-mail today saying “Thanks for renewing your ING DIRECT orange CD.” I did have a small CD a few years ago, but I never renewed it. I haven’t even logged into that account for months. Did someone steal my identity and start making conservative investments in my name? What if the identify thieves handle my identity better than I did?

Well, maybe I did renew the CD and I just don’t remember it. I don’t remember sitting down at the computer, and yet here I am.