Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Inconvenient Tooth

Alexander is sprouting teeth. His rate of drool has increased by 740% in the last week. He soaks through a bib before we even have the bib fastened behind his neck. We are thinking about asking Vince from ShamWOW to get the Germans to make a special bib for our boy.

At first, we thought it was just one tooth, but this morning it looks as if he is getting two teeth at once. If you have one of those crime-fighting computers you see in movies with the ability to “enhance”, you can see at least one of the two teeth peeking through his gums on the front of his lower jaw:

Teething isn’t as fun as he makes it look in the above picture. He spends lots of time pulling on his ear, which is either a sign of referred teething pain or it's an homage to Carol Burnett. He’s dealing with it all like a little super trooper, though, and has never lost sight of the little things that make life great – such as mom making farty noises.

(yes, this went on for hours...)

His latest hobbies include….
- sitting upright for minutes at a time before getting distracted by a just-out-of-reach toy and toppling over
- trying to crawl, getting annoyed with lack of upper body strength, and then just rolling wherever he wants to go
- testing the patience of the local cats by lunging and grabbing for them whenever they walk by
- getting tickled and amusing parents with the results

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Favorite Sound

(by 'my favorite sound' I mean the sound of the boy laughing, of course... not the strange sounds I am making to inspire the laughs.)

For those who may wonder - yes, this is literally how I spend all of my time now. Before you know it, I'll lose the ability to communicate with adults. People will ask me how I am doing, and I'll respond with a spitty version of the Chicken Dance... People will say "I'm pretty sure she used to be sane" - talking about me in the third person as I am standing right there - to which I will respond "Whose got your nose? I've got your nose!" Then they will ever-so-slowly begin to back away from me...

And... yeah, so that's my future as I see it. OK, and just for going along with me on that journey... I present MOMMY CAM. Enjoy.

Good Times

Uncle Dave and Aunt Rachel visited us this weekend... and by "us" I mean they came to see Alexander. This truth applies to pretty much anyone that comes to our door. I know my mom loves us, for example, but there is no way she is stopping by after work nearly every day to see me or Tim. We just aren't that cute. But you know who is cute? This guy...

Yeah... you gotta be pretty freakin' cute to pull off wearing a soaking wet drool bib.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kids these days...with their music

This is Sonata No. 23 with Screams. Is Alexander a future black-turtleneck-wearing "make sure everyone knows I support the arts" kind of guy? Eh... he could do worse.

Thank you, he's here all night! (He is available for lessons. Must bring own bib.)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cereal Goatee

Sorry for the dramatic pause between posts. We've been a bit busy lately... plus everytime I've had a few spare moments to post, Blogger isn't allowing me to post videos. And videos are what today's Our Dumb Blog reader demands. Why doesn't this stupid website work--- what are we spending all this money for?!!?? (Of course, Blogger is free so that second question was really unrelated to the complaint at hand.)

The adventures into the world of eating have been fun. Right now, Alexander is eating rice cereal once a day. The doctor suggested we do this for a few weeks until he gets the hang of it. I’m not sure how to define “the hang of it”… but I don’t think we are quite there yet.

Here is Alexander sporting a fabulous cereal goatee – a very hot look for babies this season.

Don’t let the smile fool you. He really doesn’t care much for cereal. Watch this video to see how the cereal goatee look is achieved.

(stupid blogger website)

He is getting better at eating cereal, though. With the first spoonful, he still makes that face that says "my god this tastes like dirty socks" but by the third or fourth bite his face softens and says "this tastes like clean socks." Just last night he decided he was ready to take over the spoon holding. Both Alexander and his bib... and his pants... had an enjoyable meal.

In other baby milestones, Alexander has added “hi” to his vocabulary. In fact, he said it four times on Saturday. Of his vocabulary words, he only really seems to know what 'mama' means because he cries "mama mama mama" when I am away for too long. *open heart, insert ache*

In other baby accomplishments, all of his crunches and calisthenics have finally paid off. This weekend he started sitting on his own. OK, so he only sits for about 10 seconds before keeling over… but high fives all around anyway.

I don’t know if this is really an accomplishment, but it is a new thing that Alexander likes to do. He likes to chomp his gums – sort of like a cow chewing cud, but without the cud. Or the teeth. Or the cow. Anyway, this video demonstrates this new pastime. (You have to wait a few seconds for him to start chomping...)