Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Irony in Action

We have a new property management company we have to deal with for our association. I just went to their website and see this:

Excellence isn't just a goal... its our standard

Its your standard. Really? Wow. That is excellent.

I am seriously not one of "those people" - a self-righteous proper grammar enforcer. I overuse acronyms, abuse ellipses, and misconjugate verbs until their own mother wouldn't recognize them. But, this struck me as extra hilarious that a mistake like this was made in a slogan for a company promoting itself as generally superior in every way. Of course, guess who will be laughing when I have to write a check to them every month? Me. Again. Because who write checks? What is this, 1982?? Oh, so funny.

The moral of this blog entry: Everything is funny if you deprive yourself of enough sleep.

Oh, I should also mention that the reason we have a new property management company to deal with is because we are moving. But that news seems really unimportant in light of this hilarious grammatical error. I don't know why I'm even mentioning it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

*insert sound of crickets here*

This blog has been temporarily suspended due to lack of enthusiasm.

Actually, we've just been really busy AND my computer is still in repairs.

But updates and adorable pictures soon.


For reals.

Friday, February 3, 2012


OK, so it seems all my posts lately could be filed under "Kids Say the Darndest Things." First of all, both Ava and Alexander have a lot to say, so the odds of saying something "darndest" is high. Second of all, I can't post a lot of pictures right now because our computer died and is getting repaired. You may wonder, then, how I'm typing this. Well, that's for me to worry about.

Last night, Alexander was afraid to go upstairs. I asked him why and he whispered "it's too quiet. There are monsters up there." So I had to launch into the whole 'there are no such thing as monsters, monsters are just pretend' speech which ended with me reassuring him there were absolutely no monsters in our house. Here is the conversation that followed:

Alexander: Really? There are no monster in our house?
Me: Right.
Alexander: (thinks for a moment) Are there monsters outside?
Me: No, there aren't any monsters outside.
Alexander: What about up in the clouds? Are there monsters in the clouds?
Me: Uh... no.
Alexander: What about on the moon?
Me: Um...
Alexander: Or the sun? Are there monsters on the sun? Or on Mars?

I don't know where he got the idea of monsters to begin with. I blame this guy:

And, yeah, I would be scared if he were upstairs too... or on Mars.

New Local Comic

The other day, Ava and I were taking a car ride and Ava began requesting songs. (Fun fact: there is surprising overlap in the Venn Diagram of mothers and jukeboxes.) Ava's little voice was calling out from the backseat "Sing, Mommy! Baa Baa Blacksheep AND Row Row Row Your Boat! Sing, peeeeeeeeze!"

So I told her we'd do a mash-up and sing both songs at the same time. It went a little something like this "Row, row, row your sheep..."

This was comedy GOLD. Ava couldn't believe it. She was laughing so hard, she could barely squeak out "Again! Again!"

Well, we got to our destination and went on with our day. Later that night, as I was putting her to bed, I started to sing a lullaby. "Hush little baby, don't say a word..."

Ava's eyes suddenly popped open and she interrupted "mama gonna buy you a SHEEP!"

She then started to laugh like crazy at her own comic genius and effective use of the "call back" technique. In case it was over my head, she stopped laughing just long enough to say "that was a joke!"

(file photo of Ava longing for a career in comedy... or perhaps just longing to play in the snow.)