Monday, November 28, 2011

A Conversation With Alexander

Here is a brief transcript from an actual conversation I had with Alexander this morning. This talk happened in the car. Yes, strapping my 3-year-old into a chair is the best way to have a real conversation with him. If we are in a car, this method of conversation looks less like questionable parenting and more like a normal car ride.

See? You get helpful parenting tips here at ODB!

(Calling it "ODB" makes it sound like this blog is popular enough to warrant the causal use of an acronym. Instant cyber street cred. Yep, another great tip. You're welcome.)

Anyway, on with the transcript:

Me: Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

Alexander: Yes! I was very busy and I got to play with cousin Harrison.

Me: That sounds fun.

Alexander: Cousin Harrison shared his trains and toys with me. Do you think I'll get to play with cousin Harrison again next Thanksgiving?

Me: Yes, and hopefully many times before next Thanksgiving too.

Alexander: Why is there Thanksgiving?

Me: Well, it's a chance to give thanks for what we have. It all started...

Alexander (interrupting): Why did Uncle Brad make a turkey?

Me: It's a Thanksgiving tradition.

Alexander: Cousin Harrison and I were too busy to eat turkey. Do you think cousin Harrison will play Star Trek with me?

Me: How do you play that?

Alexander: We go vrrrrom, and we play Star Trek.

Me: Do you want to pretend to be Captain Kirk?

Alexander: No.

Me: Do you want to pretend to be Spock?

Alexander: No.

Me: Well, who are you going to be then?

Alexander: A farmer, and cousin Harrison can be a sheep.

Me: A farmer? I didn't remember there being a farmer on Star Trek.

Alexander: Ok, not Star Trek. We'll play Farm Trek.

***insert rimshot here***

THANK YOU! Good night!

Child Psychology

Friday, November 11, 2011

Important Questions

Alexander asks questions... a LOT of questions. Some recent questions he asked:

"What is the sky for - what does it do?"
"Can a bear climb a tree like a squirrel?"
"Do ducks eat flowers?"
"Why is there red?"
"What is hair for?"

Every question is another piece of the 3-year-old universe puzzle.

(I know!! I found the perfect picture in the archives. You can thank me later for such a feat of blogging excellence.)

I estimate I have about 11 more months before he realizes that I am an unreliable source of information. Then he'll start referring all questions to the internets - aka "3rd parent." For now, he thinks I'm a double bacon genius burger.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Da Bears

Trick or treating was a success (in our case, it was 100% treating). The children were dressed up as bears, which was Alexander's idea. They ended up looking like bears closely related to ewoks.

Alexander had his first chocolate bar. He was not impressed.

"I dressed up as a ewokish bear for THIS?"

We're glad Alexander doesn't like the candy. George Lucas will probably be suing us for copyright infringement, so we'll need to fork over our ewok proceeds anyway.