Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bub's Favorite Joke

This is Alexander's all-time favorite joke. He came up with it about a month ago, and has been "telling" it ever since.

Of course, now he never runs up and gives his daddy a hug. He always runs past him for the punchline. He's already significantly funnier, with more sophisticated jokes, than ventriloquist Jeff Dunham...

... so where the heck is Bub's Comedy Central show?? Contract, please!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Enjoy a Few Slices of Yar Pie

Alexander is discovering there are so many fun things to do with dad. There are the more traditional father-son activities, like swimming:

Or going on Daddyback rides around the house:

And then there are those less-than-traditional father-son activities. You know, the ones that often send Alexander into fits of silent laughter.

Take for example, The Vomiting 3-D Shadow Puppet Show (tm) ...

If a Vomiting 3-D Shadow Puppet Show (tm) isn't an illustration of fatherly love, I don't know what is... Just imagine the kind of performance Tim is cooking up for his high school graduation - or wedding!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finally… an “After"

You may remember our “before” from this blog entry. Well, if your index finger has had a hard day and can no longer fing, don't worry about clicking on the link. I can refresh your memory.

*doodle-la-do doodle la do*
(That’s a Wayne’s World style flashback… a style of flashback that requires a flashback to get the reference. *sigh* I'm old.)

Here is our "before": old lady shabby chic at it’s finest

*doodle-la-do doodle la do*
(That’s returning to the present…)

And here is the “after”:

As you can see, we had the contractor go ahead and remove the soda cans and made a few other upgrades as well.

Here Alexander ran into the shot. He's wide-eyed and checking out his new Bub Sanitation Station. Yar.

And, yep, that’s a drool of approval. He’s glad to see the lavender ceilings are gone. (The lavender is gone – the ceiling still exists.)

This was a totally drama-free remodel. We thought that was an oxymoron… but it turns out our previous contractor was just a moron. (Ok, that was lame – but TRUE. Go read the old basement remodel posts if you feel like another doodle-la-do.)

Despite all his rage, he’s still just an elephant in a cage.

Alexander had his first trip to the zoo this weekend. He waved excitedly and yelled out “hi!” to most the animals he saw (and to all the girls he saw).

Favorite animals included a lion (which he “roared” at), seals (or “seees’ in bubby language), and flamingos which he made this face at:

"They're pink and weird."

Admittedly, our zoo photography isn’t exactly National Geographic quality. Mostly, it’s just shots of Alexander looking at animals, and you’d never know the pictures were taken at the zoo. But trust me. We were totally at the zoo. For reals.

To instill a sense of empathy for caged animals, we placed Alexander in the laundry basket. (OK… actually he crawled in it himself because it is HILARIOUS when daddy gives him hamper rides. But I still think somehow the lesson was learned.)

Oh… and oddest overheard conversation the park…

Setting: In front of the Caribou Crazytown (or similar euphemistic and alliterative phrase for cage)

Players: Redneckish dad and his three boys

The Conversation:

Dad: Now if you were hunting, which one would you kill?

Boys: (talking at once) That one! That one’s the best to kill!

Youngest son: Where would you place the kill shot, daddy?

You can’t make this stuff up. I’d just hate to be lost and wandering around the woods in THEIR backyard. Especially if I was wearing my deer blouse (with matching full-cranial headpiece!)

Anyway. Zoo = fun.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sometimes the right halloween costume finds YOU.

That’s why bub made the perfect:


Set phasers on yar.