Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What she learned at clown college...

Ava is a big talker. She has a large vocabulary of vowels, squeals, and almost-words to call upon. Here she is giving a little talk in her "clown onesie" (can anyone wear polka dots and ruffles and NOT look a little bit clownish?) (The answer, by the way, is yes...but not in this onesie.)

She was just about to discuss a major breakthrough in clown science when she was interrupted by a local heckler.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kids Say the Darnest Blabbity Blah

Tim flushed the toliet today and Alexander said "Potty Sneeze!"

True Story.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Nature is Overrated

A couple weeks ago, we took the kids out for a walk at an area nature preserve. Ava screamed a lot, but also flashed a few gummy smiles:

Alexander was bored. We were like “look, a deer” and he was like “Bor-ring.” “Hey, look at the ducks.” “I’m still bored.” “Here are some pretty…” “Boring!!!!” “But the…” “BORED!”

Eventually the dullness of it all overwhelmed his system:

Alexander had to leave the park this way:

The nature walk was a bit hard on me too. Several days after my brush with the outdoors I was hit with a temperature of 104. A few days later I broke out in a nasty rash. Wanna see something gross? Well, I can’t cater this blog to your personal needs and desires… so I don’t know why I even asked. In any case, here is something gross:

Was this an allergic reaction to fresh air? I finally went to the doctor on day 6 (Ava came along because there is no calling in sick with motherhood. She was a super trooper, fortunately.) I knew things were looking bad when the doctor walked out of the examination room several times to “consult a medical textbook”. Lots of blood tests and head scratchings later, my doctor declared this to be a probable case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Really?? I mean...really?!? I know, it sounds like something you’d catch from listening to too many John Denver records… but it turns out this came from a tick whose interest in John Denver is unknown.

(File photo of tick. Actual infectious tick may vary.)

I’m on hardcore antibiotics and recovering. The cool thing is that I have to get reported to the CDC. Sweeet. I'm a statistic! This is a big honor for a data nerd such as myself.

The moral of the story is that nature is boring and/or infectious. Indoors RULZ!

True story.