Friday, July 9, 2010

Nature is Overrated

A couple weeks ago, we took the kids out for a walk at an area nature preserve. Ava screamed a lot, but also flashed a few gummy smiles:

Alexander was bored. We were like “look, a deer” and he was like “Bor-ring.” “Hey, look at the ducks.” “I’m still bored.” “Here are some pretty…” “Boring!!!!” “But the…” “BORED!”

Eventually the dullness of it all overwhelmed his system:

Alexander had to leave the park this way:

The nature walk was a bit hard on me too. Several days after my brush with the outdoors I was hit with a temperature of 104. A few days later I broke out in a nasty rash. Wanna see something gross? Well, I can’t cater this blog to your personal needs and desires… so I don’t know why I even asked. In any case, here is something gross:

Was this an allergic reaction to fresh air? I finally went to the doctor on day 6 (Ava came along because there is no calling in sick with motherhood. She was a super trooper, fortunately.) I knew things were looking bad when the doctor walked out of the examination room several times to “consult a medical textbook”. Lots of blood tests and head scratchings later, my doctor declared this to be a probable case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Really?? I mean...really?!? I know, it sounds like something you’d catch from listening to too many John Denver records… but it turns out this came from a tick whose interest in John Denver is unknown.

(File photo of tick. Actual infectious tick may vary.)

I’m on hardcore antibiotics and recovering. The cool thing is that I have to get reported to the CDC. Sweeet. I'm a statistic! This is a big honor for a data nerd such as myself.

The moral of the story is that nature is boring and/or infectious. Indoors RULZ!

True story.

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