Saturday, January 15, 2011

Possibly Insane Man Seeks Like-Minded Roommate

This advertisement seeking a roommate has been up for months. I can’t believe this guy hasn’t found a roommate yet. I mean, he hung up a really nice, possibly hospital-issued, towel in his window. He wrote with his best permanent marker “Roommate Wanted” and yet no one has called. It makes no sense.

I like how one corner of the towel is hanging down. It says “hey, I’m a casual guy. I’d be an easy-going roommate.” It also says “I have a surprising amount of scotch tape on hand...but not the ridiculous amount that would be required to keep this corner of the towel from falling.” There is a bench out front for traffic watching, you can have your choice of TWO front doors, and there is no need to worry about cleaning out the gutters because there is no roof. It is SWEET. Also, you may be dismembered.

Sorry the picture is so blurry. We didn’t get out, or even slow down the car to take the picture... because we value our lives.

Learning and Hilarities

Here is a picture of Bub telling Ava his favorite new joke. He says “PPPPPSSBBST!” (or other nonsense sound) and then says “That’s not a word!” Laughter follows.

Despite the unorthodox method of teaching Ava what sounds are NOT words, she has managed to learn a few new words. In addition to “mama” and “hi” and the always useful “uh-oh”, Ava now calls the big guy “dada”. Yar!!! Tim literally exploded. Literally. He’s ok, though.

Alexander has let Ava make use of his old Fortress of Solitude.

Doesn’t she look tall? According to the doctor at her 9-month checkup, she now weighs 17 lbs and is 29 inches long….er tall. Can we graduate to calling it “tall” now? Long always sounds so zoological. The fact that the Fortress of Solitude is essentially a baby terrarium doesn’t help either.

OK, back to learning…