Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bub Salutes Beals

Alexander discovered he can slip out of his shirt. He's ready for his Flashdance audition!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Blog Delays Caused By Act of God

Well, Tim and I also had something to do with it.

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been pretty sick for the last couple months. I haven’t been sick with something trendy like Swine Flu, or something retro chic like Black Death, or even something embarrassingly out of style like Mad Cow Disease. No. I’ve been sick the last couple of months because of (this is my John McCain impression) “That One!” (see below)

OK. That picture didn’t really clarify anything. I’m pregnant! The blob in the above picture is Bean, and we’ll get to meet him or her around April 18, 2010. (Bean is the current name placeholder which will hopefully be replaced with a more dignified name soon.) We are, of course beyond thrilled. In fact, I’m so excited I could puke. Ug… excuse me.

*sound of toilet flushing*

Right. I’m back. So, yeah, I’ve been sick - down with the hardcore and questionably named morning sickness. I had it bad enough that my doctor prescribed some drugs for me that are used by chemo patients. Of course, I get a second opinion on all medical advice from my favorite instant and sometimes misinformed doctor, Dr. Google. (Hey, he’s free and he makes house calls.) According to Dr. Goggle, the drug I was prescribed is indeed used for severe nausea, but it is actually in a class of anti-psychotics drugs. Yeah, my doctor gave me anti-psychotic drugs. In both pill and suppository form in case I couldn’t keep down the pills. How many people can say they have anti-psychotic suppositories in their medicine cabinet? While I enjoyed the chemical lobotomy, these pills never really helped. But, at least I feel a little less crazy.

Tim has had to step up the Mr. Mom’ing on days when I'm not functional. He even has had to help at night a few times, a domain that was exclusively mine up until now. I don't think he had any idea that Alexander still wakes up at night or that when he sleeps, he tosses and turns so violently. (Alexander unfortunately takes after me and my dad when it comes to sleeping, or the lack thereof.) Tim's is one of those creative types that sincerely requires sleep. In fact, no sleep makes TIM MAAAAAD!!!!

He says you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry… but, let’s be honest...everyone likes Tim no matter what his mood. The above is a bit of an exaggeration (I just wanted to use a picture from a previous post due to it's craptacular hilarity). Any potential Bill-Bixby-turn-Lou-Ferrigno-ian rage has been contained thanks to slipping a few anti-psychotics in his beverage. Mu-hahaha!

OK... the truth (that will surprise no one reading this blog) is that Tim is an awesome and patient dad. I think Tim and Alexander are both enjoying the extra time together. It's quite yarry. Tim has stepped in and saved Alexander from days of being contained in front of the TV (*gag*) while I hover over a toliet (*more gagging*). Good work, Tim. You deserve a thumbs up from a freakishly long thumb. Enjoy:

Even though I am not quite 14 weeks along, I’ve begun to feel little flutters. With Alexander I didn’t feel any movement until 16 weeks, but I’ve heard that you often feel things much earlier with your second. So that has been reassuring to feel that Bean has weathered this morning sickness just fine. (Or else s/he is in there going *knock knock knock* “Helllooooo? Something other than saltines, please! I’m developing a very complex cardio-vascular system in here. Need food. Hellllooooo?”)

In bubby news, Alexander just turned 14 months. I just say he is “one” in everyday conversation because, really, when does the madness end? Will I be throwing him a “Sweet 192th Month” birthday party? Anyway, he is being his amazing and hilarious self. He is enjoying bipedalism as his preferred method of locomotion, confirming beyond a shadow of doubt that he is indeed a Homo sapien. He still walks with that slightly off-kilter toddler gait that is so endearing. He’s learned the sounds of a few letters and a few animals. He’s learned a few new words. So he’ll have a lot of tricks to teach his little brother or sister someday soon.

Friday, October 9, 2009

"What sound does a lazy blogger make?"

the answer is this:

Anyhoo...Alexander has mastered some sounds that he'd like to share with you. It gets cut off, but the first question I asked him was "What sound does a lion make?" Crank up your sound and enjoy.

As much as he loves acting he really wants to direct. Unfortunately, his attempts to get behind the camera resulted in extremely shakey footage that looks like it belongs in Cloverfield. Mmmm...nauseating.

And here's the bub enjoying his wagon and looking rather pleased with himself: