Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Hilariousness of Tim

Tim took off last week for another movie project, but he's back now and we're glad he's home. Especially this guy:

Alexander has been busy growing all kinds of teeth... especially of the biting variety. Here you can see tooth #7, and the tiniest little speck of tooth #8.

That's some fine dentition you have there, boy.

Today was the last day of the baby music class. Thank god there wasn't a final because we totally spaced on studying. Alexander still confuses Delta Blues with Chicago Blues (ahem, REFUND PLEASE), but he sure did enjoy all the other babies in the class and the 100 m.p.h instructor. We'll probably do it again in the fall... that is if we don't space on the registration.

I had a clever way to end this blog entry. But...yeah... I totally...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What do you get the boy that has everything?

Alexander's first birthday is less than a month away. He has been expressing an interest in world domination and/or developing superpowers and/or fixing up that old DeLorean...

Uranium Ore 4 Sale

So... hinty hint hint.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Parentally Mandated BFF

Alexander had a playdate with a sweet little girl named Riley. The first thing he did was reach out and touch her forehead with his index finger. I am not sure if he was determining if she was real, or if he was looking for the "on" button. Riley was very patient and sweet with his awkward advances. He took to her right away and couldn't stop grinning at her. In fact, it was a lot of work just to keep him from smothering her with his brand of affection.

As boys tend to do, he spent much of his time trying to impress this cute girl. She giggled appreciatively as he showed off his mad walking skilz with the help of his walker. He turned and smiled back at her thinking he really winning some “cool” points … then walked right into a wall. D’oh! Lesson learned: never walk forward while looking backward. (I think I had that on a fortune cookie once.)

And now for some pointless yar...

I highly recommend that you mute or turn down your volume for this. It features that loud and oh-so-embarrassing mommy voice. The legal counsel of Our Dumb Blog has advised us to post the following statement: Our Dumb Blog is not responsible for any aural damage or emotional trauma that may result from not muting the following video. Having your volume up will NOT contribute to your enjoyment of this blog. Thank you.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sea legs? He doesn't even have his land legs yet.

Alexander went out on his first boat ride this weekend. He decided to relieve the captain of his duties. Here is our swarthy swashbuckler:

Here he is trying a unique steering technique. It’s called the Slobbering Sailor. (This sounds like the name of a drink they would serve at J.J. O’Hooligans… or T.J Shenanigans…or some place with lots of faux-antiques on the wall and forcefully gregarious waiters. It’s basically a virgin gin and tonic. So…just tonic. Not a very popular drink. They’ll probably take it off the menu. Help! I’m stuck in an aside again!) Here’s Alexander’s technique:

Mmmm…. seaworthy.

True story.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

That’s One Small Step for Baby…

Over the course of about three days, Alexander went from standing alone momentarily to standing for 15 seconds to standing for several minutes. He also took his first official step without holding onto anything. I think he is just trying to impress his dad since Tim is back from the movie. (Mission accomplished. Tim can only stand for about 10 seconds before he topples over.)

We went to a music class for 8 month – 15 month olds. It was a total yarfest. I could barely handle it. The instructor must have slammed at least a dozen 5 Hour Energy drinks before class. (According to my calculations, that's 60 hours of energy.) There is high energy, and then there is HIGH energy. She was a blur. The babies loved her, though, including Alexander. All the parents were a bit bleary-eyed and clearly struggling to interact with adults. One dad we spoke to spent about 40% of the conversation in a falsetto. But that isn’t how you talk to grown-ups, no it isn’t.

We’ve been having a Comcastic week. Our internet, phone, and cable have been out since Monday night and they literally just got back us back up. Stupid technology. I’m just glad to finally be back on the horseless typewriter surfing the interweb.