Friday, April 11, 2008

90% Boy

That was the result of today’s ultrasound. Wah-hooo!! I don’t know what the other 10% is, as the technician didn’t specify our odds of having a girl. Could 90% boy, 10% badger? I dunno.

But, in any case, a 90% probability of boy is good enough for me to go buy some cute boy clothes. Here is a onesie his dad particularly likes:

Rock on!

He appears to be over one pound in weight already, which puts him well at the head of his class. Nice work, boy. We’re so proud of you!!! I'm glad to know you've been able to put all those pickles to good use.

He wasn’t entirely cooperating at the ultrasound today, and the tech wanted to get a view of his spine in a different position… so we will likely be going back in a couple of weeks for yet another ultrasound. He seemed generally bored with the whole thing, and we even caught him yawning on the ultrasound. Booooor-ring. Kids these days… they have such short attention spans.

Ooo, a shiny rock. I’ve got to go.

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