Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I’m enjoying my new active lifestyle.

No, I didn’t start using hairplugs, Grecian men’s formula, super-poly grip for dentures, or any product associated with the geriatric crowd and condescendingly marketed for the “active lifestyle". It’s even better…

The doctor took me off load mode!!!! Waaaa-hoooooooooooo!!!

To celebrate, I’m going to cozy in and watch an all-day America’s Next Top Model marathon in bed. No, I’m joking. Actually I am going to enjoy a Tyra Banks-free day. Take a walk, go shopping, and just be, as my doctor put it, a “normal pregnant lady.” (Obviously my doctor doesn’t know me that well…)

Nabisco is getting another chance to show us the goods on April 11th. By the way, I’ve started referring to the baby as a “he" but in my mind there is a little asterisk everytime I say it. In fact, I also make a little “tsk” sound right after I say “he” to indicate the asterisk and then when I am done saying whatever I am going to say, I quickly and quietly mutter “Tsk. Actual baby may be a girl.” If anyone knows a better way to verbalize an asterisk and then the associated footnote in conversation, I am open to suggestions.

Anyhoo… I’m off to enjoy my new active lifestyle.

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