Monday, April 7, 2008

Kids These Days...

I had a major “Kids These Days” moment today. I’m only 32... shouldn’t I at least be in my fifties before I begin lamenting about today’s youth? *sigh* For my age group, I am definitely in the 90th percentile for curmudgeonlyness.

Anyway, two of my co-workers have 18-year old sons. Guess what they did this weekend? Are you ready for this? They went to a hookah bar. Yes, hookah. HOOKAH??!!?? And one of them even owns their own hookah.

What’s next? Partying with Ganesha?

I wonder what will be cool when Nabisco is a teenager. Maybe we will luck out and it will be doing laundry. “Oh man, I totally did four loads last night. It was so sweeeeeet.”

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