Monday, March 31, 2008

The baby is … *insert drumroll here*

We just got back from the ultrasound.

The results are in.




Gender Unknown!! Awwww. I always wanted a little Gender Unknown...

Yes, as anticlimactic as this all seems our baby was not only being shy but also turned completely the wrong way to get any good pictures or measurements. I almost started laughing when I saw the baby and it was just this round circle. The technician said “that’s the top of the head”… meaning the baby was breech and his or her feet were facing posterior (towards my back). There is literally no worse position for a baby to be in when it comes to trying to take a look at them on ultrasound. I was almost proud of the baby for figuring that out. Way to "stick it to the man" little dude.

Towards the end, the baby did move a little bit and started kicking around. While it is really hard to decipher what you are seeing on an ultrasound screen, I was able to see the baby bring his hand up to his face and suck on his fingers. Or pick his nose. It was hard to tell. Either way it was adorable.

We managed to get a few shots of “between the legs” after the baby started moving. It was still a difficult angle and the baby was keeping his or her legs together pretty tightly. The tech said that if she had to guess, she would guess boy. This guess is further complicated by the fact that the umbilical cord happened to pass between his legs. So just as before it is either a girl or a boy…or REALLY a boy if that wasn’t the umbilical cord we were looking at.

We’re waiting for a call from the doctor to get more details on the load mode and whatnot. More news as it happens.

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