Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Awkwardnesses

Only five more days of Nabsico begin referred to awkwardly as him/her, s/he and other terms usually reserved for a unconvincing drag queens. (I thought you’d like that analogy.)

The votes are in, and it seems that the vast majority believe this will be a girl. If it is a boy hopefully this will not be an emasculating story to tell in front of his friends when he is older. Sorry, boy.

Speaking of awkwardness, Brian (our contractor) wanted to bring someone by last weekend to check out our basement and get Tim’s recommendation.

Here is our honest reference for our contractor. Maybe he can just refer people to our blog:
- the work was of average quality (mismatching hinges and doorknobs, a broken screen door, and other details that Tim had to fix himself were pretty lame)
- the work was behind schedule (a three month project turned into a 10 month project thanks to that fact that we regularly suffered with abandonment issues for weeks at a time)
- the actual cost was about twice the estimate
- the contractor was overly aggressive (except when it came to getting work done), and showed signs of a severe personality disorder
- we really like the shower door he picked out (we like to end on a positive)

As if a recommendation from us wouldn’t be awkward enough, I should note that Brian wanted to supervise the recommendation by being there when Tim spoke to the potential client. Tim had a scheduling conflict, so mercifully this meeting never took place.

This is like the worst break-up ever. We just want to end things already, get him out of our lives, and move on. The final inspection should be sometime next week and hopefully we can end things by handing him a clearly worded Dear John letter.

Dear Brian,
This isn’t working out. We wanted to end things seven months ago, back when you promised the relationship would be over. We are sure you can make another client very happy someday, but you just aren’t right for us. We’ve moved on and so should you. In fact, we have started doing a lot of home improvements ourselves and we are sort of causally seeing this electrician. Good luck.

Tim and Steph

PS: We’ve changed the garage code. Don’t make us change our phone number too - we've only just learned it.

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