Sunday, May 4, 2008

He’s a maniac, maaaanic…

… in the womb! And he’s kickin’ like he’s never kicked before.

The baby seems to be re-creating his favorite scenes from Flashdance in my belly. His kicks are strong enough that you can see my belly move sometimes, which is a little bit Alien-esque….

*cue the trumpets*

Hear-ye, hear-ye… well not YE so much. Yes, I am talking to ye... but for the rest of ye, hear-ye!

We’ve decided on a name for the boy.

While Nabisco was a nice name with a little pseudo-European flair PLUS all sorts of corporate sponsorship opportunities, we’ve decided instead to name the baby Alexander. If it turns out that ‘money shot’ from the last ultrasound was just a shot of the umbilical cord, we’ll name the baby Ava.

So there you have it. Ta-da!

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