Monday, May 26, 2008

Much Needed YAARRRRR

As promised, here is the healing yarrrr for you to enjoy.

Cow and Bear were caught sleeping in a rather odd position… headbutted. We don’t know the circumstances that led to this final pose. Maybe they were wrestling and they just fell asleep… but the result is pretty stinkin’ cute.

When we were unpacking gifts from the shower, we realized that Bear LOVES one particular quilt. It was a quilt that Tim’s mom had made when she was expecting him (which is, in itself, quite yarry). Bear started rolling all over it and purring and we can’t quiet explain his supernatural attraction to this quilt. But it is very cute.

Wait until the kitties find out all this stuff isn’t for them. We anticipate loud meows of

I hope you feel healed from having been exposed to Fred Flintstone Feet pictures. If not… you’ll just have to work hard to overcome this trauma and maybe they’ll make a Lifetime movie about you someday.

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