Monday, May 19, 2008

The Story Ends with a Whimper

OK, just when you thought I had given the last installment of our basement-gate scandal, I have just one final story to tell you. Think of it as an exclamation point to end the long remodeling saga. Well, maybe less of an exclamation point and more of an ellipsis …

As you may or may not know, in the midst of the basement remodeling project the screen portion of the sliding glass door was accidentally broken. When the contractor came over to show prospective clients our basement, he requested that we send him the repair bill. We sent it to him the next day.

*insert a clock with fast spinning hands*

*cue the crickets chirping*

*insert a rapidly flipping calendar*

Well, you get the idea. At least he probably won’t be bringing any other prospective clients around for a reference. That right there is worth the cost of repairing the screen door.

*tumbleweed blows by*

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