Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How to Terrify a Cat

Our roof has been on its last shingle for a while now. We hired some roofers to come in and replace the shingles and install some metal mushrooms (for venting, I am told, not whimsy). This weekend, a team of a dozen or so men swooped in and began doing their thing on our roof. By “their thing” I mean they strapped on their tap shoes and did their impression of Lord of the Dance. OK, so I never actually climbed on the roof to verify this, but I recognize that hyper Celtic rhythm anywhere.

Cow and Bear huddled together under the bed, terrified. Poor kitties. Nobody wants to imagine a team of Michael Flatley’s invading their personal space. Seriously. Would you want this on your roof?

The cats recovered from the trauma quickly and are pleased that the riverdance is over. And the Michael Flatleys did a great job. Our new shingles look pretty… as pretty as shingles can look.

I declare our team of a dozen roofers Lords of the Highly Efficient, Moderately Attractive, and Reasonably Priced Roof ! (That’s hard to fit on a billboard or a t-shirt… which is the only reason those guys won’t make it to the big time. It isn’t due to their dancing, I can tell you that. They can tap dance like a tornado…with legs…wearing tap shoes. Oh crap, I’ve gotten stuck in these parentheses on a long and rambling string of thoughts and I don’t know how to get out….*pop*)

That’s better.

Anyway, new roof. True story.

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