Friday, February 29, 2008

Level II Load-Mode

The doctor bumped me up to Level II Load Mode, which means I am supposed to be in bed as much as possible. Technology makes it possible to be just as productive in bed as you would be on your feet. I can work on my book revisions, shop for baby-raising supplies, e-mail the office, etc. I can also watch the perpetual America’s Next Top Model marathon on VH1. (I said it is “possible” to be productive, not probable.)

I am 100% sure everything is going to be fine, I think doctors just sometimes don’t know what else to suggest so they just tell you to stay in bed. I don’t know if the bed has any actual healing properties, but it does have the magical effect of causing Tim to tuck in my sheets every so often and offer to run out to get (vegetarian) sushi for supper… so that’s cool. I am hoping I’ll be returning to Level I Load-Mode by early next week. (That is the level where I am just supposed to be "generally lazy".)

Cow and Bear are on sympathy bed rest. Well, Cow is anyway. Bear has discovered he has a fondness for the bamboo plant and has been snacking all morning. Tim finally had to move the plant to a secret place. I can’t tell you where it is because I am pretty sure Bear reads this blog.

So that is all… I’ll keep you posted on such topics as my placenta and spotting whether you want to hear about it our not. One of the first things to go when you are pregnant is your sense of shame. It’s just not an option.


Rachel said...

Ohh, this does not sound like fun at all! We have a friend who went through total bedrest for something like 12 weeks, and though it was quite frazzling, the end was happy with the actual birth going quite smoothly at almost full term. Hope things return to normal soon, but if not we have total faith in Tim's ability to care for you, and your ability to make entertainment even from these days!
Love from the Iowa side of the family.

The Nicolas said...

Thanks, Rachel. This is pretty lame, I gotta say... but I plan to sneak into work tomorrow and get some work I can do at home.

Tim continues to be outstanding - he is top in the field of being my husband. (Don't let the fact that he is the only one in that field take away from his glory.) He manages to make me laugh constantly, which definitely helps to make this partial bedrest thing a little less lame.


Knit Ma said...

Well, I will be home taking care of my little Lucy if you want to talk...

How many weeks along are you?

I completely agree about the "no shame" comment. I am breast feeding, and I am like "what are you looking at, it is just a boob"

The Nicolas said...

I hope Lucy is doing well! I'm 16 1/2 weeks right now. So I'm still very early. If I were a betting woman, I'd bet this resolves itself in the upcoming months.

In the meantime, our bedroom has become my command central. I have two laptops, a stack of paperwork and binders, and two kitties piled on top of me... oh, and I have the TV on. So I am able to keep up with my multi-tasking lifestyle quite nicely.

Keep breastfeeding with pride, mama!! :) Talk to you later!