Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Doctor Prescribed Load-Mode

This could be one of those posts where I am sharing more information than you care to know. If you are embarrassed just thinking about me being pregnant or hearing words like “cervix”, now is the time to step away from the blog.

Go on, git!

Ok, I’m glad you stayed. Those other guys were total dinks, but you are cool and I’m glad you’re still here. Yes, I’m talking to you --- you with the eyes reading these words right now.

Here is the deal. After all that flu and fever drama, I had some spotting. I called the doctor and they got me in for an emergency ultrasound. The baby is doing great, and even waved hello during the ultrasound. The baby looks cross between Skeletor and an alien right now, but I am told that is just the nature of ultrasound pictures and our actual baby may vary. He or she was being shy and keeping his or her legs closed, so we didn’t get to “see the goods” to figure out if Nabisco is a girl or a boy.

It turns out I have placenta previa – which means the placenta is covering the cervix. That sounds innocuous enough and just as weird as any other thing in pregnancy… but it turns out this can be a problem. The good news is that there is a great chance this will resolve itself before we get too close to “showtime”. I also think it is cool that we get a lot of bonus ultrasounds to keep an eye on it – which means plenty of more chances for Nabisco to show us the goods so we know what color to paint the nursery.

The doctor didn’t put me on bedrest, although that is often how placenta previa is treated later in pregnancy. I do have a ton of activity restrictions – including the fact that I am not allowed to lift more than 10 pounds or do too much walking or any strenuous activities. Basically, I am on doctor ordered load-mode.

Tim is taking good care of everyone and lifting heavy objects as necessary… thanks, muffin.

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