Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CNN does Journalism Nostradamus Style

There are three types of people who work at CNN:
(1) graphic artists with a flare for drama
(2) news anchors who can fill the gaps in any broadcast by reiterating he same information 500 different ways
(3) psychics

CNN broke it’s own record for calling elections early last night. They were calling several states with 0% of the precincts reporting. Really - zero percent.

They had a large digital clock on the screen that would count down to when the polls would close. Literally, as soon as the polls closed they say “We have breaking news.” Then there would be these overly dramatic graphics slamming across the screen. Then they would say “CNN is prepared to announce the winner in Illinois.”

How did they do that? Exit polls aren’t that reliable. Well, meet their new "Polling Expert" for the 2008 election coverage:

It explains a lot, doesn't it? I mean, he looks fruity enough to work for CNN.

At some point will people just stop voting and let CNN call the elections? Do you really want a guy named “Wolf” to pick out our next president?

*sigh* I seem to have a lot of opinions for being generally apolitical. But the truth is, I have a hard time turning off CNN. Those graphics are just too exciting and hearing the same banter repetitively is oddly soothing. This election has become the new hit reality TV show.

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