Monday, February 18, 2008

How We Celebrate President’s Day

I’m sure our forefathers would be proud to have laid the foundation for this consumer-driven economy. So what better way to honor our past presidents (except for Chester A. Arthur who remains obscure and boring) than to have a SALE-ebration!!!

Guitar Center is having yet another BLOWOUT SALE (sale … sale… sale…) (That was the “reverb of savings”.) They have blowout sales on a weekly basis, so I have to wonder how effective these “blowouts” really are. It some point, shouldn’t everything just be… blown out?

Tim got a postcard in the mail that made it sound as if all previous blowouts were just a joke, and the President’s Day blowout sale-ebration was “for real”. In fact, they may be closing the store after this sale due to losing money for offering such insanely low prices. Customers everywhere are left with the impression that Guitar Center is in a serious financial crisis, and stockholders are pulling out. It’s a feeding frenzy of SAAAAAVINGS!!!!

So, in honor of our forefathers we are going to Guitar Center today. *sigh* Yep, we are one of those suckers that is born every minute you hear so much about.

If you are inclined to give props, I suggest you give props to Guitar Center for mastering the art of hyperbole when it comes to advertising sales. Here’s to you, Guitar Center, and your consistently over-the-top advertising.

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