Thursday, September 13, 2007

We got one down.

I'm down with the sickness today. Some flu bug hit me hard yesterday. So all day today and most of yesterday I was laying in the upstairs bedroom with Cow and Bear splayed on top of me. They seemed to have bonded over my sickness, so that's cool.

People were coming and going all day for the basement construction, which is why I reported to Sick Bay in the upstairs bedroom. In our basement, we have two tons of drywall just waiting to become actualwall. The drywallers will be coming tomorrow.

It's amazing to me how specialized everyone is. We had different guys for framing, plumbing, electrical, low voltage... etc. etc.. and then specialized inspectors too. It's just like the field of medicine, people have gotten way too specialized. And there are lots of failures to communicate.

Here is something funny/scary... what I look like after being in bed for two days straight:

I'm going back to bed.

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