Friday, September 14, 2007

Archive of Dumb Pictures

While garage sale shopping last spring, we came across a gigantic box of kleenex box coozies. I'm not sure if these were a collection, or if someone made them with the idea of selling them at a garage sale. The kleenex box coozie is just a trend that never took off any further than church crafts sales:

It is interesting to note the surroundings in this picture. Every home looks identical - it's a little freaky. This is one of those neighborhoods where the signs say "build to suit"... so are we supposed to believe everyone wanted the exact same thing? Like, I guess these are all built to suit "hu-man" needs. If if a robot or a horse were to apply for a home in this neighborhood, perhaps we'd see a little variety. What is the psychological result of a sprawling cookie cutter community? It drives ordinary people to craft 1200 kleenex coozies.

Also in the spring, we went to Iowa to check on the land there. There was just a precious widdle ittle crop just starting:

So cute.

Also, more shots were fired at the stop sign. All the stop sign could do is say "STOP" (shooting) (sic), but alas he went down in a blaze of glory:

We saw Jon Stewart, who was funny -- and very very tiny from our point of view. They must use some sort of magnifiying camera on him while taping the Daily Show:

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