Sunday, September 23, 2007

Here was our view of Paula Poundstone

She is less blurry and more funny than this photo suggests:

Of course, when we got there I ended up sitting next to a woman who was under the impression that she was my best friend. You know the type. I blocked out most of what she said to me, but would occasionally make some sort of grunting sound just to maintain a facade that this was an actual two-way conversation and not just a crazy person babbling at me. I'm not sure if I did that for her sake or for mine.

At one point she started to prattle on and on about how Second City had ‘the best show ever’ last week. That's when I finally said something to her using words instead of noncommittal grunts. I said, “We had tickets for that show but I was sick and we missed it. Good Lord, I was upset about it before but now I’m completely depressed.” Awkward silence followed, which is preferable to awkward babbling.

Anyway, Poundstone was excellent. No mention of poptarts, but there were a few cat jokes. She did a lot of improv and audience interaction. Tim and I held our breath and tried to not draw attention to ourselves. As soon as the show began, it dawned on us that we weren’t prepared to succinctly answer her first question to chosen audience members: "What do you do?”

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