Monday, September 17, 2007

Want to keep a Nerd excited for hours?

I was SO EXCITED. Last night we watched the Film Crew. Why didn’t I know about this before? I guess I need to start reading my geek e-mails (the MST3K Satellite News). Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy watch bad movies while delivering commentary. I love these guys and wish I could shrink them and carry them around in my pocket all day to make commentary. (“There is more lint in here than in Lt. Col. Glenn Manning’s belly button.” “This is a little restrictive, maybe you could go up a size.” “What smells like old cheese?”) (OK, I just fantasized myself out of that idea. I don’t want them in my pocket all day.)

Anyway, we watched the Wild Women of Wongo. It was an island where all of these really hot women lived with really unattractive men. (Imagine an island populated with Rod Stewarts and his wives.)

They discover another tribe where hot men lived with really unattractive women. (The line between an attractive and an unattractive woman was confusing in some cases. One of the “attractive” women I swear had a package. And one of the “unattractive” women was really hot… just a bit taller than average. Huh??)

I have yet to download and actually try this out – but Rifftrax has commentary on current (and too expensive for MST3K or Film Crew) movies. You download the commentary track, rent the movie, and then sync it up. They have Bourne Identity, 300, Star Trek Generations, The Maxtrix, etc, etc. Sweeeeet.

For other excellent commentary tracks – check out Mike Nelsons commentaries on some Legend Films videos. These are creatively colorized films and the commentary is excellent. Reefer Madness is particularly high-larious, although you run the risk of PERMANENT INSANITY. (I usually find drug humor to be pretty lame, but this is not just drug humor. This … defies categorization. I still can’t decide if the original actors, writers, and directors were entirely serious when they put this together way back in the high-pants wearin', thirty-year olds playin' teenagers, jalopy drivin' days.)

Legend Films and Mike Nelson also did a number on Plan 9 from Outer Space, Night of the Living Dead, Carnival of Souls, House on Haunted Hill, and a few others I am too high on the reefer to remember.

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