Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It does look like a litterbox... if you close your eyes.

Kitties have once again infiltrated the studio. Despite a pet gate and closed doors, Bear seems to find a way down. He rolls around in the dust, runs in circles a few times, and then leaves satisfied with his experience.

Cow makes the trip less frequently (mostly due to lack of agility),but when she does make the trip she evidently doesn’t see a studio before her… she sees a huge litterbox. Niiiiiiiice.

Supposedly, we have guys coming over to put in floors today. So the kitty scent will be sealed in.

What was funny is that our contractor said the floor would be done while we were on our road trip. Then Tim got a frantic phone call from a floor guy. Here is a picture of Tim being not happy to talk to Floor Guy while on our trip:

I guess it isn't so much"funny ha-ha", but more like "funny we are paying you."

The floor guy was calling because he had to know what texture of carpet we wanted. Of course, we never knew there was more than one texture. We picked out our carpet based on a sample and we wanted exactly what the sample looked like. The texture was … I dunno… carpety?

Not knowing the texture of our carpet delayed ordering the pergo and the bathroom tiles, for some reason. Long story short… our contractor is sort of a bit “off” in his personality and our floors have finally been ordered. Installation should start today.

Here are a few picture of our floorless basement. Don’t let the term “floorless” fool you. There is a gigantic litter box on which to walk.

Asthmatics probably shouldn’t view the above picture. It’s a bit dusty. But what if that isn't dust? What if they are orbs and the basement is very haunted. *gasp* *coughcough* Asthmatics still shouldn't view the above picture.

Tim isn't sure he loves the color of the main room. It looks especially pinkish in this picture and less so in person. It is supposed to be a light tan. Still, we may need to "man it up" a bit once everything is done. You can interpret that however you choose.

The view from the guestroom is nice. Tim and I may move down here. I just hope they get the texture of the carpet right.

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