Monday, October 29, 2007


Yellowstone was actually the only somewhat planned part of the trip. We had reservations at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge – which was the only lodging available in the park this time of year. There was something very Shining-esque about the experience as the day we left, they were preparing to close up for the season. We stayed away from rooms 237 and 217 (to cover the movie and book version of The Shining respectively).

Seeing as we were staying at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, it only made sense that we saw Old Faithful in the snow.

It was pretty much what you would expect. A lot of water spraying up from the ground at regular intervals. I mean, I can cry at regular intervals and you don’t see anyone building a snow lodge around me, do you?

The driving was a bit treacherous and some of the roads were closed. But, harazardous conditions just weeds out the weak tourists. It leaves the hardy behind to enjoy spectacular views like this:

There were lots of geysers and bubbling bits of planet to be had at the park. It smelled strongly of sulfur, as if mother nature herself had farted. Beautiful.

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