Monday, October 15, 2007

Let me tell you a thing or two about marriage.

We were married back in ought-six. Back when the U.S. dollar was actually worth a dollar to the rest of the world, a strange little man named George W. was president, and kids loved to listen to music on their “I-PODs”.

What a tough first year we’ve had. (I was typing that sarcastically, by the way. Someone needs to invent a sarcastic emoticon, it would greatly improve communications for those in my generation. See? I don't even know if that last sentence was sarcastic or sincere!) This first year was actually ridiculously fast and ridiculously fun. We celebrated our one-year anniversary last night by sharing a bottle of wine we bought in Australia on our honeymoon and eating our wedding cake. Wine and expired cake, no wonder my stomach hurts this morning.

The funtoonery isn’t over yet. We are about to head out for a celebratory road trip to Yellowstone National Park and other “area attractions” along the way. So there won’t be any updates for a while, but we’ll have plenty of dumb pictures to post when we come back.

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