Friday, October 12, 2007

The Inconvenient Acceptance Speech

Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo? I’d like to think our mention of him in this blog (see “Hot Enough For You?”) played a minor role in this achievement. Oh, who am I kidding? We totally sealed the deal for him.

Wow. This is unexpected. I have so many people to thank… my mom and dad for providing DNA and good times, my husband for believing that people would want to see Al Gore's name on our blog, my brother for ‘keeping it real’ and keeping our family bi-partisan, spell check for helping me to spell bi-partisan, and Al Gore for creating the Internet which made this blog possible. Oh… that’s the music. I guess I have to wrap things up. I trust that with this public thank-you, Al Gore will now thank us in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech. Talk fast, Al, they start playing that music and you just have to start TALKING LOUDER.

*I am being carted away by Norwegian men in tuxedos*


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