Monday, November 12, 2007

You Can’t Ride That Rollercoaster

Tim was editing a wedding video today, and he never ever ever (ever) makes fun of some of the bizarre or lame things that people do during their ceremonies. And he’s seen a lot of bizarre and lame things. But today, there was a very special ceremony that he found disturbing enough to transcribe and e-mail to me.

Here is what the Pastor said to the couple and the congregation:
"As anyone who has been married a while can
tell you, you will not wake up the next day as warm
and fuzzy to the person next to you as the day before.
Its a bit of a rollercoaster ride...and you can't
ride that roller coaster. What you're coming here
today to do is not to not to express your love but
your commitment…

“… and that may be true, that you have
fallen out of love with the person, but that's not
what you're getting married for. You are getting
married out of commitment.”

Thank you Reverend Killjoy of the Church of St. Johns Wort. If he is this much of a downer at a wedding, I’d hate to hear what he says at a funeral.

The couple left the ceremony with just one question: where does the clown waterslide fit into God’s plan for us?

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