Sunday, October 24, 2010

Zee Great Ar-teest!

Alexander has always loved art (to make art, that is... not to don a turtleneck and walk around a museum). He's had a creative breakthrough. Up until recently, we only knew what he was drawing because he would tell us. A yellow school bus? Maaaaybeee.... if you squint. And disregard all previous knowledge of school buses.

Now, though, he has drawn things that are almost recognizable. Check out this rainbow he drew for Grandma:

He drew it, told me it was a rainbow, and by crayola it's a reasonable suggestion of a rainbow! Then he signed it with a big "A".

Rainbows have become his specialty. In a close second are "happy faces". His passion for drawing happy faces came in handy for decorating a pumpkin for Halloween:


And what great artist doesn't have a muse? Here's Bubby being enthralled with his little gal pal:

Rainbows and happy faces.

For reals.

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