Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Meh

Alexander wasn’t thrilled with the Elmo costume which was purchased, evidently, more for the amusement of adults than for his own enjoyment. Adults who stood by and did nothing….or, worse, took pictures… as Elmo opened his impossibly wide maw and devoured Bub.

“Elmo has a taste for blood. Yeeeeeaaaaa!!!! Hahaha!”


Alexander was, however, thrilled to trick or treat with his cousin Harrison.

Some houses had some elaborate animatronics. Some people had elaborate costumes. The look on Alexander’s face says it all.


This look sums up what Bub thought of the tremendous effort put into Halloween costumes and decorations displayed in his grandparent’s neighborhood.

Total meh. With a dash of "really? really??"

But lameness of the holiday aside, hanging out with Daddy is always good for a laugh.

Oh…and Ava was a lady bug…and just glad to be with grandpa.

Happy Halloween.

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