Thursday, November 11, 2010


Long time, no blog. Sore-Ree!!! (Apologies always sound better with a Canadian flare, don't you think?)

Pretty much the expected level of yar, drool, tantrums, mantrums, messiness, happiness, sugar n’ spice, and everything twice here. Lots of pictures continue to be taken, even though the family camera only barely works. The zoom function stopped working a while ago so I have to zoom the “old school” way… which is to run up to people saying “ZOOM!!!” Maybe shouting “zoom” isn’t necessary, but it makes for some interesting expressions.

So what have we been taking unzoomed pictures of lately?

90% Kids

Kids, but out of focus so you can’t tell

The inside of my purse.

Here are a few of those 90%….

Alexander loves to swing. By that, I mean he literally goes insane with happiness. Literally.

The big kid swing was pretty fun too.

But didn’t allow for these kind of (possibly illegal) shenanigans.

Ava couldn’t figure out why we had a spatula at the park. It looked like Alexander was getting ready to do some weird performance art piece...and Ava is so over performance art. What is this, 1993??

And Ava was all ….

But then the magic of bubbles made everyone happy…

Except for the grass and trees. They probably weren’t thrilled to be covered in Dawn dish soap. At least they are no longer greasy. They were greasy, filthy trees before we arrived. Covered in bacon grease and grime...shameful. So…YOUR WELCOME, nature.

In other news... there are still no teeth in sight for Ava… but she’s looking for them every day!

Our kids are also practicing their “Tilt of Adorability”. It’s that very subtle head tilt that is so endearing in small children and select small animals. Please don’t try this at home. You might pull something trying to look THIS adorable. (Not that you aren’t cute… but… er… I mean, I love what you are doing with your hair. Very cool. Um, I gotta slowly back out of this…)

And that’s just ONE DAY of pictures in our big eyed world right now. No wonder our camera has worn out.

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