Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Trip to the Moon

Since we buy everything on the Internets, we often end up with a stash of large boxes in our home. We trip over them, fall into them, repurpose them into shelving, and sometimes we just set them ablaze and push them off into the lake like the Vikings did with their boxes.

Alexander decided one especially large box was a rocket ship. Destination: The MOOOOOOOON!

First he had to assess what he had to work with. I’m theorizing that since the neighbor does all his car work without a shirt on, Alexander knew that this was a shirtless endeavor.

Then he had to decorate it. (Note, shirt was donned… but mostly because it was a cold day. Mentally, he is still totally shirtless.):

Finally, it was time to hire a good captain. (In this case, his cousin who is THREE times his age and therefore has three times the space travel experience.)

(note: two heads)

And they haven't been seen since.

No, they made it back.

Mission Accomplished.

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