Monday, February 28, 2011

Feburary is a Good Month for Blog Tumbleweed

OK, Blog. I know you are probably feeling abandoned and neglected. I never meant to hurt you, I was just busy and stuff. Look, I’m sorry, ok? Just stop looking at me with those big sad bloggy eyes. I’ll even make a post today, huh? How’s that sound?

(By the way, Blog, when did you achieve consciousness? And eyeballs? Do I need to alert the authorities or just roll with it? I’ll just roll with it.)

Let the healing begin. Here is our dumb post:

The children have continued to grow and be adorable.

That is the Cliff Notes version of this entire blog from August 2008 onward. Here are a four current points of interest.

(1) Ava continues to meow at the cats, but can now (kinda) say “Cat!”

(2) Alexander got a haircut, screamed and cried throughout, and now looks like a young republican.

(3) I'll let Alexander explain this one (don't worry, there is an interpreter.)

He has already earned more stickers for going to the bathroom than any other member of his family. (Previous record: 0) Congratulations, young potty patron!

We are unsure of how long this potty-for-stickers thing should last. We realize that it would be hard to monitor and keep track of his potty use after he goes to college, so we should end it some time before then…?

(4) Out of the blue, Alexander came up to Ava and gave her a very gentle hug and said “I love you, Aba”. It was seriously the cutest and sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Ever, ever, ever, EV-AH!


That is all.

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