Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harmonica-Controlled Bub

It doesn't matter what he is doing, he responds to the harmonica every time.

The funniest part of this last video may be the unison parental "yeeaaa." If you've ever seen Stella, it's very Stella. If you haven't seen Stella...well, it's still very Stella. Our reality is not based on your understanding. (BONG!!!!) (That "bong" you just heard, by the way, came from this gigantic gong I whack every time I say something deep and fortune-cookie-esque. It rarely gets used. Unless I've been awake for three days straight, then it constantly gets used. Everything seems deep when you are tired... at least it does to me. And the hand that bongs the gong blows the collective mind of the world. BONG!!!!!) In any case, enjoy some more Bubby awesomeness:


Out-of-it Aunt Rachel said...

Okay, this is deeply embarrassing, but I have to ask: Who/what is Stella? A gangsta saying "Stellar"? A character in "Streetcar Named Desire"? A starfish character on SpongeBob SP? Help out your culturally deficient family members here...
And Dancing Bub is the best!

Us said...

You aren't out-of-it. Stella is just under-appreciated in it's own time. Stella is a three man comedy troupe that is hilariously...hilarious. Stella = David Wain, Michael Ian Black, and Michael Showalter. They are good at the funny.