Friday, August 27, 2010

Ava Discovers “Pretty Baby” Trapped in Local Fish

In the course of regular tummy time routines, Ava made friends with the rare and elusive Carpet Fish. The Carpet Fish have distinctive flat bottoms and an embedded mirror. They are indigenous to the Fischer-Price reef, but are sometimes spotted more locally at the bottom of the toy box.

The Carpet Fish was found to contain "a pretty baby...yes, she is." Ava's a bit alarmed. Here is her patented “I am a bit alarmed” face ™ ….

Then she realizes that she’s made a friend. Yar. Here is her “I’ve made a two- dimensional friend that looks strangely familiar” face™…

They’ve been good friends ever since.


Aunt Rachel, arbiter of style said...

Doggone sweet! How could anybody not want to be friends with that face? (My current fascination is with those, what I think will become her eyebrow line. What a high-fashion face!)

Anonymous said...

Hey man.... I wish I had a carpet fish for a friend! Cute photos ..... Peace b 2 the Nicola's (fat uncle Nick)