Wednesday, June 2, 2010

That's How She Rolls

Ava can now roll over! (I'll try to get video of it soon, however I can assure you it looks pretty much like you'd expect...just a little cuter.) She's also doing a lot of "talking", which started up last week. Her end of the conversation is mostly owl impersonations and the occasional "goo". Here's a file photo of Ava looking rather pleased with herself:

Not to be outdone in the milestone department, Alexander is EXTREMELY excited to now be able to reach the light switches. "Na! (on) Off! Na! Off! Na! Off! Na! Off! Na! Off!" The neighbors must think we're hosting a disco when they see the strobe lights... or maybe they are trying to interpret the morse code message Bub is flashing. (As a sidenote for those interested in learning a second language, 'na' is also Bubspeak for 'red' and 'one'. Yet he has 52 words for snow...fascinating.)

More news as it happens...or soon thereafter...or within the week anyway. All I know is that more ellipses will be abused ... (and parentheses overused) as soon as ASAP is possible!

No promises to make sleep as I am operating on very little sense.

Ba-bum-bump!! Thank you, GOODNIGHT!!

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Aunt Rachel said...

Hey, Ava, with your little round head and beaming smile, that's a pretty good moon impersonation! May your family's Ava-rises and Ava-sets all be full, silvery and whatever other happy things moons are.