Monday, January 21, 2008

The promise of a toilet.

We haven’t mentioned the remodeling project in a long time simply because there is nothing to tell. Sometimes weeks pass without hearing from the contractor, and just when we are about to submit his picture to the back of the milk carton, he calls. He always has the promises of workers that will show up. This is the third week we’ve been promised plumbers yet our basement remains unplumbed.

So our basement is a ghost town. We are thinking about getting some tumbleweed installed down there, and maybe a few chirping crickets. We are also considering getting a man playing a sad song on a violin, but those are pretty expensive. We may just have to get a guy playing air violin sarcastically for a few hours every day.

(Air Violin Simulation)

At this point, we just want the project to be finished. He told us it would take 3 months, and this is month and it has been 7 months. We are certain that some day we will look back on this and laugh. And it’ll sound something like this. “HA-ha. Your future self is laughing at you.”

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