Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Electronic Blog Neglected for Needs of Analog Blog

The Christmas letter, that is. I am finally about to take our cards and the “Holiday Herald” to the post office. At least 95% of them. There is always that 5% that we can’t remember if they moved, got imprisoned, defected, or had some other shenanigans happen since last Christmas that warrants a new address label. Their cards are placed in a holding pattern until we get a card from the person in question. Then we quickly address the envelope based on the return address and act like we were totally on top of their life change.

We’ve had a very nice Polish man in our basement all week. I recommend one for your home. He’s working on the bathroom tiles. All day long I hear him calling “Teeeeeem? Teeeeeem?” whenever he has a question. Tim doesn't understand everything he is asking, so we don't know exactly what we have agreed to down there. If we end up with Hello Kitty trim tiles, we'll know we nodded "yes" when we should have shook our head "no."

Things get more complicated when we have one guy that speaks Spanish, one guy that speaks Polish, and one guy that speaks… who knows? Klingon? The three of them put together have an English vocabulary of about 100 words with very little overlap. It makes for some interesting games of “telephone.” By the time information gets to Tim, we are told “Our whale-gun broke, we must use MC Hammer, which requires more wine.” Tim, being the helpful guy that he is, goes to home depot and buys them a new whale-gun. Then the construction guys just look confused when he hands them their new harpoon.

Cultural diversity can be hilarious. These guys could have their own 1980s sitcom.

Hahaha!!! Oh, Balki!

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santa said...

I have been checking everyday for more blog.
I glad you're writing again.
you see i have no life and love to read you're very entertaining writing.