Monday, July 30, 2012


While Our Dumb Lives will continue until God gives us pink slips, Our Dumb Blog will be shutting its virtual doors.

We've decided that our kids may not appreciate having their childhood broadcast to the world.  I know that I personally would be horrified (and super creeped out) to know that some random dude in Russia was reading about my potty training successes and failures at age two.  But we didn't have the Internets back when I was two...  we had scrapbooks with fairly low readership rates,  and my mom's couponing/refunding club where neighborhood moms would swap stories (and $avings!)  The information was controlled and contained.  So I never had to worry about it.  But now we have the Internets, there are (in fact) random dudes in Russia (and around the world) that read this blog.  

I know, right? 

I appreciate their interest, but I am also creeped out by their interest.  

So in an effort to protect our kid's privacy and shield them from (blog-related) future embarrassment, creeped-out feelings, and random Russian dudes - Our Dumb Blog is no more.

Thank you to everyone who read along these many years.   Yeah, even you Russian dudes.  It's been fun.

Now it's time to fade to black...

The End. 

And stop reading....



Anonymous said...

До тех пор, талантливый блоггер!

Спасибо за эти годы о новинках и развлечений!

Вы самые лучшие! - Папа

Anonymous said...

I for one shall miss your updates, photos of your little ones and your awesome writing. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Drop me an email sometime or look me up if you ever join, *gasp*, social media. ;)