Sunday, April 29, 2012

Where's the penny?

Ava's latest joke goes a little something like this...

She holds out both of her hands, balled up into little fists.

Ava: Where's the penny?

Unsuspecting Adult (aka "the mark"): Your right hand?

Ava: No (she opens her right hand to show there is nothing there)

Unsuspecting Adult: OK, how about your left hand?

Ava: Ta-da! (she opens her left hand to reveal... nothing)  I don't have a penny!!

(end scene)

She thinks this is pretty funny.
Here she is workshopping new routines with her comedy mentor:
(PS-Yes, we are still having techno-malogical issues. These pictures were taken and sent to us by someone with fine photo skills. Thank you, Kim!)

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